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Global presence
Secure and reliable service for our users across the globe
Highest Security
Security is our TOP priority. We've implemented more than 300 security measures, security risk control measures and strategies to provide the same level of security as national banks.
Fiat and Crypto trades
BTCNEXT exchange supports multiple fiat currencies, along with multiple digital assets, including established favorites like Bitcoin and Ethereum and new discoveries.
STO markets
BTCNEXT exchange provides access to digital stocks trading, off market hours and 7 days a week.
Quality support
24/7 expert support to guarantee a smooth user experience and quick feedback and resolution of any support inquiry.
OTC Trading
A trusted platform with intuitive user interface allowing professionals to trade tokens with fiat currency conveniently.
Spot / Margin Trading
Trade over a hundred types of tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin with leverage options.
Futures Trading
Stabilize income earned through futures trading, arbitrage and hedge your risks conveniently
Native token for exclusive benefits
BTCNEXT token is a native token of the BTCNEXT platform. BTCNEXT gives users who hold and use it a range of exclusive benefits like discounts on trading fees, airdrops and early access to token sales.
Crypto loans
Lending options allows you to put your BTCNEXT tokens to work and earn daily interest
Designed for the beginner, built for the experts
Powerful product features and sophisticated trading tools to satisfy any professional trader, but the platform has also been designed to be user-friendly for any crypto rookies.
Mobile app
Mobile app with the whole range of tools that you have with the web version. Trade on the go from anywhere in the world.
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BTCNEXT Exchange Trading Terminal Has Two Modes

Basic:for quick and easy trading

Advanced:for professional traders

Detailed portfolio information with visualization for easy interpretation

A compiling information for personal records analysis and tax obligations made as simple as possible yet very detailed. Specify a time period, currency, a single asset or an entire account.

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24h Withdrawal Limit:2 BTC
24h Withdrawal Limit:100 BTC
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Trading Signals


Our expert trend prediction algorithm backed by big data analysis and AI will make an analysis to make your decision making process faster and easier.


Make an easy instant decision to buy or sell certain assets once the signal is received.


Confirm your buy or sell order and wait for the next signal.


+ 35.5%


+ 28.5%


+ 10.1%

BTCNEXT Exchange Mobile App
Trade Anytime and Anywhere

- All the tools available via our web version

- User friendly interface

- Crypto newsfeed

- Kline chart at Trading panel

- Switch between Fiat, Digital Stocks and Crypto arketseasily

- Trading auxiliary functions are integrated together

- Customize your trading panel the way you want it with various indicators

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